Human Performance Tools Empower Great People Decisions ….Performance is a SCIENCE
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Human Performance

What we’ve discovered about human performance:

Employee performance is NOT a single measure.  It is a performance matrix comprised of 4 major integrated ingredients. We’ve identified those ingredients and we offer the validated instruments that can measure those factors and, best of all, we’ve integrated those factors into a reliable performance answer that provides our clients with “the making great people decisions insights” they really need.  Best of all, we’ve assembled those answers into an easy to read eight page Executive Summary that generates employee performance answers rather than a string of 50+ pages of data points that you have to decipher and decode.

Our Executive Summary is built upon and incorporates the Nobel Peace Prize nominated science into critical thinking, the Harvard based research into human motivation and over 65 years of behavioral and communication studies.  We’ve integrated these solid performance factors into a reliable performance matrix that gives our clients the employee performance answers they want and need to make great people decisions.