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Performance Matrix

Human Performance Tools that Empower Great People Decisions!

Performance Matrix HeadExecheads is NOT just another assessment company.  We’ve spent the past 25 years chasing the elusive employee performance factors that consistently drive great people performance! And yes, we’re confident we’ve found those answers and we would like to demonstrate our findings for your organization.

We deliver Performance Answers that are simple to understand and that you can trust.  Our performance toolset gathers the critical performance factors and presents them in an easy to read 8 page executive performance summary that INCLUDES a performance summary, a screening and hiring recommendation, developmental suggestions, communication style and teamwork indicators.

Through our comprehensive research, we have identified Three Performance Multipliers:

Critical Thinking is the first and most important performance multiplier.  It has the unique ability to calculate decision speed, the capacity to work effectively with others and make the right decisions while operating within the established framework of the organization.

The Internal Motivators/Drivers are the second performance multipliers.  Based upon Harvard research into human motivation, it measures the hierarchy and the relative strength of each of the seven universal human motivators and how they uniquely combine to form the “action steps” an individual will WANT to take as they translate their critical thinking decisions into plans and results. It indicates how a person will try to influence those results in order to reflect and support their most influential motivators.

The Behavioral or Communication Style is the third performance multiplier.  Fostered by 65 years of research into human interactive dynamics, this multiplier identifies the STYLE someone will use to communicate their motivated, critical thinking decisions to other people.  Unlike other tools, we measure the 12 integrated behavioral and communication factors that plot how the person’s levels of assertiveness, extroversion, patience and precision uniquely combine to form the overall behavioral display the individual will most often use when sharing and communicating their ideas, beliefs, recommendations and fears with others.